Libby + Ivy | Spring Hill Manor Vintage Barn Wedding

I knew the moment I spoke to Libby and Ivy that I’d fall in love with their story and their celebration.  She’s traveled half way around the world to be with the man she loves, and he so clearly adores her.  When I learned that they’d have a Spring Hill Manor vintage barn wedding I was thrilled with all the creative possibilities.  I have a huge love of all things rustic and cozy; lace, burlap, warm wood, mason jars for guests… the details were just amazing.

This couple was easily the most creative, visually oriented couple I’ve worked with all season – which is fitting since they met in film school!  Libby was so well put together that she was able to complete the make-up for all her girls (and mom!) and Ivy was so calm, cool and collected that he had time to tee off on the putting green at the Elk Forge Bed & Breakfast where the family and the wedding party prepared for their day.

With guests attending from Australia, Wales, England, Canada and the US, the celebration was sure to be lively and fun regardless of the weather!

As a very talented make-up artist, Libby did all her girl’s make-up herself, including her mom’s as pictured here:



The bride and groom opted to enjoy a moment of peace and serenity in their day and chose to do a First Look alone, away from the hustle and bustle of family, friends and guest.  They saw each other for the first time in the gardens of the Elk Forge Bed and Breakfast where they began their preparations for the day.











The clouds were rolling in very quickly across the cornfields and my assistant photographer and I hurried to store our gear in the barn to avoid the rain.  Like most photographers I was secretly thrilled to see the clouds roll in because of the wonderful, dramatic shots I knew would come with the diffused light, and stormy skies.


This set is one of my favorites from the day (yes, even though there are many beautiful images) because of the story present.  Her girls didn’t want to miss a single moment…

This location is simply stunning in the details and ambiance.  I could easily return to this venue all season long and have a whole different and unique set of images to show for my time their.  Seriously, to all my 2013 brides check this place out!

 This shot just makes me laugh every time I see it.   Let’s hear it for the single ladies too!



The bride and groom chose a perfect meal for their laid back- family oriented reception…. wood fired pizza ovens!  Personal sized pizzas made fresh, on site right outside the barn.  The small of fresh rain, wood fires and baking pizza gave the entire evening a warm, cozy atmosphere.




We couldn’t resist playing with the light, in part because Libby and Ivy are such adventurous and visually oriented people, I felt I had a little more leeway to be creative and push the boundaries beyond just photojournalism and into some more artistic documentary work as well.  I love the little vignettes and stories you can see happening here, the group of three friends hugging in the lower left corner, the bride and groom dancing and pulling others into their joy, the couple enjoying the moment, kissing in the center…


And seconds later, the bride and groom can appear to be alone on the dance floor…


Thanks so much for inviting me to document your day! I’m so honored to have been given the responsibility.