Recent family portrait session with Fall color

I’ve been absolutely antsy waiting to be able to share these adorable images with you from a recent family portrait session, not only because wee Mr. C is such a sweetheart but because of how much energy and fun you can see in these images.  This entire session lasted just under an hour start to finish in one little park.  The variety we captured is a great example of exactly what you can expect when you book with a professional photographer.

Would you guess that just minutes before this session I was ridiculously nervous?  I was, seriously!  That hasn’t happened before a shoot in almost five years now.

Not only was this a session for a fellow photographer (which always makes me even more aware of every last detail of a session) it was also an incredibly important session for this family for many reasons, especially because this mom has been missing from family pictures for years!!  As I know all too well, when mom is the photographer it’s all too easy to have very few family pictures with mom included!

This session was so important for this family for a much more personal reason as well.  This beautiful family will be going through some changes in the coming weeks as mom begins her treatment for breast cancer.  One of the first thoughts she had during her initial screening was to document the process with pictures.  Thinking like a photographer, even amid fear and uncertainty.  As she says, “I wish people could only get bad news in the summer. It seems especially tough to get all this bad news as the holidays approach. I guess getting bad news while people were at the beach having summer fun – wouldn’t be much better.  It seems to sting a little more with the holidays.”  You can follow more of her journey (and send her a little love and support) here on her blog.

As a photographer, to receive a call from someone needing family photos because of a life changing event like this…. it’s sobering and thought provoking.  Every time I pick up the camera I’m aware of how important these images can be for someone, but sometimes there’s a little added push of need… the need for these to be just perfect, to capture the moment, to catch a smile, and to document life, love and make-believe…

Congrats to this hard working mom who made it a priority to “get in the picture” for her family, I love the results and I hope you’ll continue to allow me to capture and document you and your family.






  • Andrea Davison

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  • Amanda Fillmore Martin

    Thank you Kat – your work is amazing.. 🙂 I love all the photos. So happy we could get together for the session. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jackie Fillmore

    Thank you Kat for the wonderfull pictures, (I am Amandas mom) and you are right, the photographer seems never to get in very many of her family pictures.Thank you again, they are beautiful images of a wonderfull, loving family.ReplyCancel

    • And thank you Jackie! Your order is on it’s way to you and you should have it in time for the Christmas holidays!

  • Lani Daniels Parnell

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  • Erin Ogilvie Hudson

    what great pics! charlie is one lucky boy! 🙂ReplyCancel