If you’re at all like me you’ve found that it’s all too easy to put off booking portraits until “after the holidays”, or “later when I loose a few pounds” or “after my next hair appointment”.  Add to this, our tendency to always be the ones behind the camera (come on, you know you’re guilty!) and it’s not long before we find that months and maybe even years have gone by without any record of our story. We all have cameras on our phones now, but how many of those pictures are proudly displayed works of art on our walls, or in our family albums for our children to “read” on a rainy Sunday afternoon?

I have a half dozen pictures of my mom during the first ten years of my life.  Some of those pictures almost don’t count since all you see is a hand, or part of her face in the picture as she tries to duck out of the shot.  I’d love to know what she looked like when she was pregnant with me, or what everyone else in the family looked like the year I had the dorky hair cut.  I wish I had more pictures of her that allowed me to see if I look like her yet; more pictures that tell our story –  the things she and I would do together; the things that made her smile and laugh.

If you’ve ever felt this yourself – ever wished you had one more picture of mom or dad, or have stopped to think about the kind of stories you’ll leave for your children, then you’re in the right place.  This is what I’m here for.  I help you tell the stories that you can’t tell all on your own.

Stories of life, love, make-believe.

Maryland Family Photographer

What to Expect

If you are new to boutique photography services you’ll be in for a real treat.  Most families select boutique photography services for milestone events like engagements, weddings, a newborn’s first images, your baby’s first birthday and other important life events because those events and milestones are unique and irreplaceable. It’s a time when professional services are essential.

What you can expect in the studio

Studio sessions are done in the privacy and comfort of my studio.

For family and child sessions you can expect some age appropriate music, and a bit of silliness to help your children relax.  We’ll be sure to discuss concepts, themes and styles in advance.

For newborn sessions, you can expect to feel that the studio is much warmer than the reception area because I keep the studio at about 85-90 degrees in order to ensure your little one is warm and comfortable. So moms, dads and family members should be sure to dress in layers appropriate for the temperature. I will have plenty of props and fabrics ready to go, chosen from your feedback in your session questionnaire. Of course when you arrive, you are welcome to discuss any other ideas you may have.

During your session, you can relax on our comfy couches and let me do all the work (it’s not unusual for parents to catch a nap while I work). We can take plenty of breaks for  feeding, or even just to cuddle! I know your first weeks at home with your baby are precious, so I have learned efficiency in posing and soothing, which keeps our sessions to a maximum of two hours.

Maryland Family Photographer

What you can expect on location

Families with older children, couples and engagement sessions are often done on location, outdoors in places that are meaningful for you and your story.  Whether we’re on the beach, at an ice cream shop, or on the streets downtown, you can be sure that your session will be full of giggles and activities that can help you relax and look your best.

What you can expect from me

As a stepmom, sister and auntie, I know that choosing the right photographer is incredibly important.  My photographic style really reflects who I am – the whimsy, beauty and simplicity of life, love and make-believe are exactly what I aim to capture in every session.  Please feel free to explore my site to get to know me, or drop me a note – I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Ready to book?  Please drop me a note and I will get right back to you with confirmation and a link to your Welcome Package.