Published: Huffington Post

Published in the Huffington Post!   I came home tonight to a half dozen messages in my inbox from friends who had spotted my name on the article’s image.

Remember the new book I wrote about earlier about the art of photographing same sex couples, particularly in weddings?  The book, Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian and Same Sex Wedding Photography has been receiving some press in advance of the national release this March.

The Huffington Post ran this article today from one of the authors, Thea Doods.

In the article the author describes how she realized that she needed a slightly different set of skills and experience in order to photograph a same-sex couple’s wedding as beautifully as any other wedding she’s documented.  This idea is what caught my attention for this project and prompted me to want to participate.

Marriage equality is still a legal battle in many states here in America.   When I made the move down south to Maryland,  Canada had already been celebrating marriages based on love (not gender!) for almost a decade. When Maryland voters made history last Fall there were more than a few local photographers who were excited about the new opportunities for storytelling and the inevitable fresh new style, ideas and options for celebrating love.  As photographers we get excited about things that are new and fresh and different because we spend so much of our time telling stories that are universal. Love is about the oldest, most popular, most memorable and universal story there is, making it an exciting challenge to find fresh new ways to photograph “love”.

So it stands to reason that photographers will be interested in this book; we want and need fresh ideas, but even more importantly some of our usual habits and our “go-to” poses won’t be ideal for all couples.  As the author points out in the article: “We are standing at the edge of a new frontier in weddings, one that is inclusive of couples of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations. These are exciting times indeed, and Kathryn and I look forward to the exciting developments to come for same-sex couples and their inspirational weddings.”


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