VA,DC and MD Retail Photography Lighting Assistants 2015

Wedding photographers and portrait photographers frequently need to hire individuals with various levels of experience in assisting and lighting.  Sometimes the job is as simple as holding a reflector of diffuser in the right spot, and sometimes it’s as complex as setting up and coordinating a dozen lights on multiple channels for a wedding reception room, or setting up live view tethering during an editorial shoot.

Assistants with a solid track record of work with multiple photographers may find that they are invited to Second or to bid for other jobs with established photographers.  Assisting is a key method for learning on the job and for gaining more experience and is a specialty area of expertise.  These are not “shooting” positions.  Individuals listed here may not have photography experience, skills or businesses.

This listing is intended as a resource not only for Kat Forder Photography, but also for local area retail photographers in need of assistants. If you are interested in working as a lighting or equipment assistant for the 2015 wedding and retail photography season, please submit your information here.

Please note that this listing is not an endorsement of your skills and job performance, nor a guarantee of employment.

To request removal from the listing please email directly.

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