Up, up and away! 6 month old milestone!

This adorable little guy returned to the studio for his six month old milestone portraits!  You can take a peek at his newborn portraits here.  I knew this time I wanted to capture his adorable chubby cheeks. and Mom wanted to be sure to get his belly and all the chubby baby features that will soon disappear as he hits his big growth spurt before he learns to walk over the next couple months.

6 month old babyteddy bear baby portraits


Just look at those chubby cheeks and his little belly!  Such a perfect little guy.  You wouldn’t believe how content and happy he is either!  He was ready for anything.

6 month old baby picturesBaltimore baby picturessix months old baby pictures Maryland

Since Mr K wasn’t quite steady sitting up on his own yet, we had mom close by as a spotter, or holding on to him throughout the session.  We moved him over to a pillow filled basket next.  For safety I placed a 20lbs weight in the bottom of the basket as well, to help prevent tipping.  Mom was also close at hand as well.

up inspired baby picturesup inspired baby picturesmaryland family pictures

Big Sister wanted to join in the fun as well, you can see more of her pictures here. She is nearly at an age where she’ll start taking an interest in her brother and his activities so capturing some interaction between brother and sister was pretty exciting for mom!

baltimore family pictures

baltimore family picturesup inspired family picturesbaltimore family pictures