Maternity Pictures

Maternity pictures can sometimes be one of the first things moms-to-be cross off their to-do list during the busy weeks leading up to the arrival of their newborn baby, or their newborn portrait session.  While I completely understand that studio maternity pictures aren’t always for everyone, I do try to encourage every mom-to-be to at least give it a try and schedule some kind of maternity session, or family portrait session during this time of their lives – even if they find afterwards that they only want to purchase a few images!

My reasons behind thins are many, but first and foremost I wish I had a picture of my mom when she was pregnant with me.  The best picture I have is of her sitting down in a big armchair during her baby shower. She’s covered in bows and ribbons and presents so there’s very little of her to be seen.  That one picture is a lovely slice of life (who wouldn’t laugh at those wacky 1980’s clothes!!) but there’s not really anything about the picture that shows her.

I would love to know what she looked like at that age and at that time in her life.  Was she all round and rosy cheeked?  Was I giving her a beach-ball belly?  What things did she value or want to remember at this time in her life?  What was important to her at this time; and would they be the same things important to me at a similar stage in my life?

When I photograph moms-to-be and families during this life stage I’m always very aware of these questions.  I imagine their little one seeking similar answers at some point in the future.  Who hasn’t asked to hear the story about how they were born, or how they came to be a family? What little girl doesn’t want assurance that she’s as beautiful as her mama was at this time?  Don’t our boys need to also see the women they love with all the stunning, miraculous life-giving curves of motherhood?

It’s because of this that our maternity sessions, both in our studio and outdoors on-location, always include a variety of images. Details and storytelling images, artistic scenery, dramatic lighting, digital painting… I enjoy the variety and the challenge of helping moms-to-be feel as beautiful as they appear to me. Because even if you don’t want to see yourself right now, your little one will be curious some day.

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Kat is fine art maternity photographer who works with newborns and children in her Elkridge, Maryland studio (10 minutes from Balitmore!).  Contact us today to reserve your session or, explore behind the scenes on Instagram and follow us onFacebook for promotions and previews.