When and how often to schedule your family pictures

Not sure when to schedule your family pictures?  Having trouble deciding which stages of your child’s growth and development to capture professionally?  As parents we have a lot on our plates and it’s easy for family portraits to get left off the schedule!

When and how often to schedule your family pictures depends in part on whether your family is still growing.  Often times an older child’s grade school portrait session will be combined with a new sibling’s newborn portraits. Portrait studios like ours also find that many families end up forgetting their summer portrait plans and end up stuck trying to find an appointment during the super busy portrait season.  September to December can be very busy!

While professional photographers would love to see you and your family in the studio several times a year, we know that is not practical (or even fun!).  There are times when you can skip a family portrait session in favor of special event photography, or child-focused portrait sessions.  There are stages when you might want to consider more frequent sessions, and other stages where you might need something a little different.

Here’s a handy guide to help you plan when and how often to schedule your family portraits.  Explore the stages below to learn more about what we can offer at each stage of your child’s development!  Contact us to chat further about your next session!

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