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Photographer’s Guide to Cherry Blossoms 2016

It’s that time of year that photographers love and dread in equal measure – cherry blossom season. In 1912, the peopleView full post »

Books for Photographers

A new year, new goals, a fresh start. Whatever the reason is, this is the time of year that many small businessView full post »

Fairfax County Photographer Newsletter

Local photographers may recall the adventure we experienced this time last year when the Fairfax County ParksView full post »

Photos on train tracks not worth it

Since writing about 10 reasons to just say no to photos on railroad tracks, I’ve had a chance to meet and speakView full post »

“Too Expensive”? How to help your clients see your value

“You’re just too expensive” “I’m afraid we couldn’t possibly affordView full post »

Workshop: Business Bootcamp

Workshop: Business Bootcamp Instructor: Kat Forder Date: Sunday January 17 2016 Time: 9am to 5pm Location: Kat ForderView full post »

Why #Weddingphotogate is worth discussing

This past week the wedding photography industry and beyond have followed the story of two vendors through social media.View full post »

Vendor-photographers are a new trend in event photography

Guerilla-style marketing technique As the power of visual marketing and social media is increasingly recognized byView full post »

Spreadsheets for Photographers

Photographers and other creatives haven’t always had the opportunity to attend business and accounting classes,View full post »

New Fairfax County photo permits effective July 1st 2015

The change to Fairfax County Photography Permits that myself and a group of other hard working photographers, includingView full post »

SEO and Blog Love Basics for Photographers

Photographers and other small businesses rely on word of mouth and search engine results to reach clients.  SometimesView full post »

Baltimore newborn photographer – Grandmother wall

I had a client in the studio recently who was brand new to the experience of hiring a professional photography studio,View full post »